The newly elected new hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed his first bill today SB 12 in a private ceremony. The bill allows the residents of New Hampshire to carry concealed guns without the need of getting a permit from local officials. Gov. Sununu stated he is proud to fulfill his commitment to New Hampshire citizens their full right to defend themselves, property and their families as prescribed by Article 2a in the state constitution. He also said, “Permit-less gun carry is about making sure that the laws on our books are keeping people safe while remaining true to the Live Free or Die spirit that makes New Hampshire the great state that it is.”

Passed with majority Republican

The permit-less gun carry bill, which was vetoed by the previous administration, passed the House with the bipartisan vote of 200 – 97, and pass the Senate with a primary Republican vote of 13 – 10.

The bill does not take away any so-called duty to inform provision or age restrictions, but does leave in place a licensing for residents who need required paperwork in order to carry across certain state lines and changes the license expiration date from four years to five years. New Hampshire joins 12 other states, including their neighbors, Vermont and Maine that allow concealed carry without a permit. The main sponsor of SB 12 was Senator Jeb Bradley (R-3).

Other States to follow

Now that New Hampshire has finally got their bill signed the fight for permit-less gun carry moves to North Dakota and Kentucky. According to the NRA – ILA, yesterday North Dakota passed House Bill 1169 with a 83 – 9 vote, which would allow lawful carry without a permit and House Bill 1310, which passed on a 73 – 19 vote, allowing residents with a valid concealed weapon license to carry on school property.

Both bills will now be given to the Senate for further consideration. The NRA – ILA also notifies interested Kentuckians to reach out to their Representatives to encourage them to pass House Bill 316, which would allow Kentuckians to legally carry without obtaining a permit. House Bill 316 was introduced on the House floor this Tuesday by Representative C.

Wesley Morgan (R-81). Today in the Kentucky Senate, Senator Robin Webb (D-18) offered a insert and strike amendment for SB 7, the insert amendment would recognize permit-less gun carry and give Kentuckians the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.