Christina Binkley, the former Wall Street Journal fashion columnist, created buzz on Monday during the Philipp Plein fashion show after she snapped pictures of empty seats next to Tiffany Trump and claimed on Twitter that nobody wanted to sit next to the president's daughter. On Thursday Binkley spoke with DailyMail to walk back her story -- admitting that the photo was misleading.

"Nobody wants to sit next to Tiffany Trump at Philipp Plein, so they move and the seats by her are empty," tweeted Binkley on Monday. Binkley now admits that the seats were empty for only a short period time.

"I'm thinking a couple minutes," clarified the fashion editor in Thursday's DailyMail interview.

Fashion editor explains her motive

Binkley explained that shortly after posting the pictures of Tiffany Trump, two adjoining seats were taken by famous creative directors. Moments later, those two guests were bumped so that the designer's girlfriend and sister could sit there. Witnesses confirm that Tiffany Trump was surrounded by friends throughout the event and appeared to be having a great time, refuting claims that President Trump's daughter had been "shunned."

When asked why she had posted the misleading pictures in the first place, Binkley came clean -- sort of -- telling the DailyMail: "Sure, that's a fair question.

I'm a news reporter and it seemed news worthy to me that people moved away from Ms. Trump. It's an example of the heightened nerves with anything involving the Trump family. And given the news storm that followed, I'd say I was right!"

Anti-Trump fashionista's aim to brand Tiffany Trump as an outcast

Thanks to Binkley's confession, the "news storm" has now been proven to be nothing more than one more example of anti-Trump "fake news," but, unfortunately, several other fashion writers ran with the misleading story, in an attempt to stereotype the president's daughter as a social pariah. "Seating s*** show at Philipp Plein because no editors want to sit near Tiffany Trump. SHOCKER," tweeted Alyssa Vingan Klein, editor-in-chief of