So far, there has not been any water too hot for White House advisor Kellyanne Conway to dip her toes in. That is until today, maybe. Kellyanne Conway may have finally crossed a line and broken the law. Donald Trump and his administration have continuously pushed buttons and caused outrage here and abroad. Shortly after, news began to spread that department store Nordstrom was dropping Ivanka Trump’s fashion line due to lagging sales. President Trump took to Twitter to voice his disgust with the decision. Louisiana had been hit with devastating tornadoes, but news about Ivanka's business being treated unfairly was front and center.

It should also be noted that Nordstrom is not the only store discontinuing Ivanka’s line, but they are facing the brunt of attacks for now.

Will ethics no longer matter?

Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News to blatantly pitch Ivanka’s products. Conway actually told viewers that everyone should go out and buy Ivanka’s products or purchase online. Endorsing products and/or participating in a “commercial” is a definite no-no for someone in her position. To do so would be in violation of federal law, ethics regulations, and standards of conduct. Conway’s unfortunate conduct caught the attention of watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). Not long after her appearance, Noah Bookbinder, who is CREW’s executive director, filed a complaint with the Office of Government Ethics and White House Counsel’s Office.

Bookbinder did note that it was not clear if the Trump administration has a policy which would bring the president and/or White House employees under the law.

Government and family business

Kellyanne Conway unashamedly praised and promoted Ivanka Trump’s business, which she termed as wildly successful. The Office of Government Ethics regulation clearly prohibits the use of public office for private gain for friends, relatives, and for oneself.

The OGE director can alert the employee of the violation and call for an investigation. The director could also recommend loss of pay, suspension, or termination. However, a first-time offense is usually dealt with with a warning. When questioned about the incident during a White House briefing earlier today, Sean Spicer would only say that Kellyanne Conway had been counseled.