The US president explained to his supporters on Saturday, February 18 in Florida, that it was dangerous to welcome refugees. To support his point, Donald Trump even wanted to provide evidence on the spot: the Sweden, particularly welcoming, just suffer an attack, he said. The problem, this attack never took place.

Donald Trump's explanation

"Look what is happening in Germany, look what happened last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would have believed it? Sweden. They welcomed many refugees, and now they have problems as they would have never thought," he launched into a virulent speech in Florida, in defense of his policy 'anti-refugee.' He also mentioned the attacks, real ones, Brussels, Nice, and Paris.

Trump admits that his comments were based on debunked Fox News report

On Sunday afternoon, Mr. Trump tweeted: "My statement about what is happening in Sweden referred to a report on [the conservative channel, editor's note] @FoxNews on immigrants and Sweden." An explanation came after the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs activated its embassy in Washington to learn more. "We have contacted the [US Department of State] to understand and get clarification," said Catarina Axelsson, a spokesman for Swedish diplomacy.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry sought clarification

The Embassy of Sweden in the United States has also kicked into touch, saying in a tweet, do not understand what Mr.Trump referred, and have sought clarification from the US authorities.

Outside the quiet environment of diplomacy, the taunts have gone on, particularly on social networks. Very soon, the false information went around Twitter, under the hashtags #lastnightinSweden (last night in Sweden) and #SwedenIncident (an incident in Sweden).

'Sweden? An attack? What did he smoke?'

"Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?," Sweden former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt wrote on Twitter.

Many other Swedes started making fun of the US President on Twitter using the hashtag #lastnightinSweden. "#Breakingnews after #lastnightinSweden, the country offers to help @realDonaldTrump with his #BorderWall," Twitter user Joe C wrote.