There was a whole load of head-scratching going on in Sweden on Sunday, along with a smidgeon of anger, after President Trump made a remark suggesting something really bad had happened in the country the night before. Trump was throwing a rally in Florida in what could only be called his “campaign style” at the time he made the remark, as he listed all the European countries hit by terrorists, to back his anti-refugee stance in the U.S.A.

President Trump wants to keep the country safe

Telling his supporters that it is important to keep the country safe, he listed the problems occurring in refugee-friendly Germany, then went on to make his bewildering remark about Sweden, saying, “Sweden, who would believe this?” Turns out the Swedish for sure wouldn’t believe it, because basically nothing of any real importance happened in Sweden over the weekend at all, meaning the country was totally baffled by inclusion of their country in his list of terror-attacked European nations.

Listen to Trump in the video included here.

In fact, as reported by the NY Times, Sweden’s former prime minister and foreign minister headed to Twitter to ask what Trump had been “smoking,” saying that “questions abound.”

While President Trump hadn’t actually said in so many words that a terrorist attack had happened in Sweden, by adding the country to the list of countries suffering from terror attacks, while taking in asylum seekers and refugees, it made it sound to his assembled listeners as though something bad had happened indeed. Before going on to talk about what happened in Brussels, Belgium, he mentioned that Sweden took in large numbers of refugees, and now they are having problems like never before.

He then mentioned Nice and Paris, before going on to say that the U.S. has taken in thousands of people, with no way to vet them properly. He said there was no documentation, nothing, so now plans must be made to keep the U.S. safe.

The EU terrorists were, for the most part, citizens

What Trump neglected to think about was that most of the men involved in the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks, the attack in Brussels on March 22, 2016 and the attack in Nice last year, were actually citizens of France or Belgium, not refugees or asylum seekers.

They were already there, not let in by “mistaken” refugee policies.

As reported by the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper, Twitter users in that country were very quick to first get angry at Trump’s remark, and then to totally ridicule the new U.S.

President, making joking references to the Muppets character, the popular and funny Swedish Chef, along with the fate of some disappearing Swedish meatballs.

Sweden has, indeed, taken in many asylum seekers in the past, but a journalist for Dagens Nyheter, Martin Gelin, has speculated that President Trump probably got the “news” from one of the many right-wing media outlets in the U.S. that for some time have been reporting that Sweden is headed for collapse. Gelin went on to write that there are several common myths among Trump supporters that the country is in chaos from taking in so many Middle Eastern refugees. While he didn’t use the words “fake news,” he added that these stories about Sweden are totally incorrect and misleading.