The ratings of the iconic and long-running late-night sketch comedy program, Saturday Night Live, have never been better. The credit belongs to the comedic genius of SNL producer Lorne Michaels for casting Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump and casting Melissa McCarthy as WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The Los Angeles Times reports that the ratings are the highest in 22 years.

The newspaper reports that through Feb. 11, the episodes have averaged 10.64 million viewers. The "through the roof" ratings could be characterized as "huge." The impact is being felt everywhere as these skits give America comic relief from the events at the White House.

Trump not happy about Alec Baldwin portrayal

President Trump has not been happy about his portrayal by Alec Baldwin. Last week, Trump tweeted in all caps: "SEE YOU IN COURT." Saturday Night Live created a skit of Trump in the "People's Court."

Actor Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump character on Saturday Night Live has become so embedded in popular culture today that a Dominican Republic newspaper used a photo of the actor portraying Trump, purporting the photo to be President Trump. It was not. The newspaper, El Nacional, published Baldwin alongside a photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The newspaper published a retraction, but of course, in the age of the internet when everything is a permanent record, it was too late.

The damage had been done.

SNL has history of eviscerating public figures

The credit for this "mistake" can legitimately go to the cast of Saturday Night Live, which has a long history of eviscerating public figures, including leaders of the free world.

It started in 1976 when Chevy Chase portrayed a bumbling, fumbling Gerald Ford. Many have credited the portrayal by Chevy Chase in contributing to the 1976 loss to Jimmy Carter. However, this first skit by Melissa McCarthy of Sean Spicer may go down as a classic.

It is clear that the show has gotten under the thin skin of President Trump for some time now, including during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The satire is not showing any signs of slowing up either. The show has also blasted Kellyanne Conway played by perhaps the most talented cast member, Kate McKinnon, who has not only played Conway but also Hillary Clinton among many others.