Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor and counselor to President Donald Trump, is no longer one of the most-sought after news talk guests due to her diminishing credibility. Prior to Sunday, CNN's State of the Union program was offered Kellyanne Conway as a guest and the network took a pass on her appearance due to "credibility issues," according to a news release from CNN. Her rapid loss of credibility can be simply summed up in three words: "bowling green massacre." On MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" Ms. Conway uttered the words for the first time in a public forum.

The problem with uttering the words "bowling green Massacre" is that it is a "non-existent" event.

Kellyanne Conway widely panned on social media for 'Bowling Green Massacre'

So widely panned was her statement that hundreds of people in the town of Bowling Green (Kentucky) even held fake vigils and dedicated fake memorials to remember non-existent victims. She was widely mocked on cable news shows and on social media. Comedian Stephen Colbert of CBS "Late Show" said on his show Monday he would raise money for the non-existent victims.

Ms. Conway makes another false claim that she 'misspoke'

Kellyanne Conway claimed it was a one-time error and that she "misspoke one word." Cosmopolitan reporter Kristen Mascia reported on Monday, however, that Ms.

Conway also brought up the subject in a January 29 interview over the phone, discussing with her the "masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre." Cosmo had not reported the quote prior to "Hardball with Chris Mathews." The New York Daily News also reported a TMZ interview showing Ms. Conway talking about “the Bowling Green attack on our brave soldiers.”

It was just last month that Blasting News reported that Jay Rosen, a respected NYU journalism professor, laid out a strong and compelling case to no longer have Ms.

Conway on the air because of her "credibility issues." The professor claimed she was "spinning" as a spokesperson for President Donald Trump and causing confusion in her role as a messenger from the president.