White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is best remembered for his performance at his first press conference, notable for the fact that he didn't take questions, nor did he exactly tell the whole truth. He blasted the media on behalf of the newly-minted President of the United States, Donald Trump, for "underestimating the size of the crowd" attending the inauguration. He accused the media of false reporting and then proceeded to deliver a false report in a rambling, angry tone.

Fast forward twelve days and now we realize that Sean Spicer will best be remembered for a press briefing he did not attend.

He will be remembered for being skewered on national television by the comic genius of Melissa McCarthy on NBC's "Saturday Night Live." It was a performance that has been universally applauded across social media in capturing the caricature of Sean Spicer.

Melissa McCarthy played a perfect Sean Spicer

In an eight-minute sketch that could easily have been a "cold opening" for the show, Ms. McCarthy was almost unrecognizable as herself. She was clearly Sean Spicer in imitating his in-your-face and confrontational manner. They look alike. His odd way of turning phrases has become a hallmark of the Trump administration.

During the skit, "Spicer" wanted an apology on "behalf of you to me" for the way the media "has been treating me." She added, "The apology is not accepted!"

'Spicer' goes on a rant about Trump SCOTUS nominee exaggerating the standing ovation

"Spicer" gave an "accurate" recap of Trump's Supreme Court judge nomination announcement, claiming the standing ovation to greet him lasted a "full 15 minutes, and you can check the tape on that." Of course, it was not.

Then, "Spicer" added that "everyone was smiling and happy, and that the men all had erections." Here's more:

Alec Baldwin returns as Trump

Minutes earlier in the show during the "cold opening," Alec Baldwin returned again as President Trump, conspiring with an "evil persona" meant to represent the despised WH Chief Strategist Steven Bannon.

"Saturday Night Live" cast member Mikey Day played Steve Bannon in a Grim Reaper costume.