Even though President Donald Trump was able to pick up the election win over Hillary Clinton, questions continue to surround his victory. As pressure mounts on the White House of their alleged ties to Russia, Trump is firing back on Twitter.

Trump on Twitter

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made sure not to pull any punches when criticizing his political opponents, the mainstream news media, celebrity critics, and other foreign leaders. While the former host of "The Apprentice" has not been shy when expressing his opinions, he's also refused to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has gone out of his way to praise the Kremlin leader.

In addition, several members of Trump's campaign and White House team have been linked back to Russia, which was made worse when it was confirmed that the Kremlin illegally hacked into the Democratic National Committee with the goal of helping to elect Trump. The last straw came in the form of retired Gen. Michael Flynn who was forced to resign as National Security Advisor last week when it was revealed that he made illegal contact with Russian officials. As seen on his Twitter account on February 26, Trump is continuing his defense.

"Russia talk is Fake News put out by the Dems," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday afternoon.

Not stopping there, Trump went on to say that the alleged "fake news" was being "played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!" The commander in chief received heavy backlash after Michael Flynn announced his resignation due to the fact that he appeared more upset that the news was leaked to the public, rather than a member of his administration having improper and illegal contact with the government of a foreign country.

Moving forward

Donald Trump has only been in office for a little over a month, but he appears steadfast in his constant defense of his actions and policies. Regardless of the evidence and facts that get presented by well-respected and credible news outlets, Trump labels any story he doesn't agree with as "fake news," as his supporters continue to give him the benefit of the doubt, as their distrust of the news media continues.