All across the Nation, houses of worship have begun preparing for President-Elect Donald Trump's immigration plan and are joining the Sanctuary Movement. An estimated five hundred churches, synagogues, and mosques have joined the Sanctuary Movement in wake of Trump's up and coming inauguration as President of the United States. Trump has vowed to deport thousands of illegal and undocumented immigrants throughout the nation when he becomes president.

The Sanctuary Movement

The Sanctuary Movement began in the 1980's to help immigrants from Central America who were fleeing from civil unrest in their countries.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants came to the Under States seeking safety and under the Reagan administration, immigrants we being denied asylum. Many were gathered and held in detention centers before being sent back to their countries. Religious leaders did not agree with the policies and decided to help immigrants by granting them safety inside the houses of worship. It was their belief that they could keep the immigrants safe, along with providing legal help if needed. Some leaders faced prosecution for their involvement with the Sanctuary Movement for going against federal law.

Donald Trump's interview

During Trump's presidential campaign, Trump vowed many times that he would get a handle on illegal immigration across the Nation.

During an interview recently on CBS, " 60 Minutes," Trump stated that his administration will start deporting 2- 3 million undocumented immigrants after he is in office. Donald Trump continued to state, " What we are going to do is to get the people with criminal records, gang members, drug dealers out of our country," Trump said.

Trump also continued about his plan to build a wall to help deter the opportunity for more illegals from getting into the country. The wall idea still needs congressional approval.

Religious leaders

Religious leaders of all faiths have joined together under the Sanctuary Movement to offer help if needed. They have offered shelter for people to stay and hide, food, clothing, and legal costs if needed.

The leaders believe that the houses of worship should be a place for safety which dates back to early history when people were able to seek out protection and not be prosecuted. The Religious leaders have pledged to help them from law enforcement, even if it means that they get into trouble for it.


Sanctuary for people in holy places dates back to ancient times when people entered the religious holy ground and were protected. The practice of sanctuary went on for centuries until reforms occurred between the 15th and 16th centuries and stopped protecting people.

Citizen and immigrant views

Citizens of the United States seem to have mixed views on the issue. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, Americans were divided, some felt that immigrants helped the country and others felt that they had damaged the country.

Many immigrants across the country are worried about Trump’s plan on deportation. They fear what will happen to themselves and to their families. Some are scared that they will be rounded up and that they will be sent back, leaving their children that were born in the U.S behind. Even President Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals plan, which allows people who entered the country as children the right to be employed for two years and protects them from deportation, will be ineffective.