The small town of Delphi, Indiana is still in shock and mourning after two teenage girls, 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams were found dead near a hiking trail. The girls’ parents dropped them off on the afternoon of February 13 at the Delphi Historic Trails but were reported missing after they did not show up when their relatives came to pick them up later in the day. As reported by the Indianapolis Star, their bodies were found last Tuesday in a wooded area of the trail, close to a bridge over the creek.

Indiana police looking for potential suspect

On that same day, a photo was taken in the park, showing the suspect in question. Initially, police believed he may have been a witness to the events, but as reported by ABC News, have since changed the status of their investigation, now believing he may have actively participated in the murders of Liberty and Abigail. The suspect in question was seen to be wearing blue jeans with a blue coat or jacket and a hoodie.

According to a statement by the police, preliminary evidence points to the man as being a suspect. Meanwhile, Indiana police in the area are being assisted by the FBI and are asking the public for help in identifying the suspect. Any help would be gratefully appreciated in solving the double crime.

Motorcycle memorial ride held in honor of the two girls

In the meantime, residents of the normally peaceful rural town have been working together to help the parents of the two girls and on Saturday, thousands of people gathered in the town to participate in a motorcycle memorial ride, organized to commemorate the two girls’ lives.

According to organizers, over 3,000 people took part, with hundreds of spectators lining the streets to watch. The fees of $20 per car or motorcycle, plus $5 per passenger participating in the ride were collected and split between the families of the two girls.

Reportedly residents of the town also displayed purple ribbons on their storefronts and homes in support of the two victims and their families.