Kellyanne Conway is spinning out of control as a spokesperson for President Trump. In fact, her job of "spinning" for President Trump is equally out of control, causing confusion in her role as a messenger to the media for Trump. A highly respected professor of journalism at NYU, Jay Rosen, forcefully argues that Conway's usefulness as an explainer of Trump is growing "dimmer with every interview." Of late, Conway is routinely and easily contradicted by Donald Trump. With that, the rationale for using Conway as Trump's messenger goes away.

Rosen's conclusion is that the media should simply stop interviewing Conway going forward because essentially she is saying nothing of importance.

The issue for the professor is that the audience comes away knowing less than when the interview started.

Kellyanne Conway embarrasses herself on NBC's "Meet the Press"

On Sunday's NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Conway embarrassed herself once again and embarrassed the Trump administration by labeling what Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, said as "alternative facts" in reference to the "crowd size" at the in regards to the inauguration controversy. Chuck Todd shot back at Conway and said alternative facts are not facts but in fact "falsehoods."

Conway punches man three times at inaugural ball

The troubles continue to pile up for her, as a new report surfaced that she punched a man at the Liberty Ball on Friday during the inauguration ceremony.

She is reported to have thrown three punches. Fox Business News correspondent Charlie Gasparino corroborated the story in a Facebook post.

Conway is going to be a 'celebrity'

Gasprino emphasized that he did not exaggerate the story. In other Conway news, Saturday Night Live spoofed her "self-serving" image and persona in pursuit of celebrityhood.

Kate McKinnon skewered Conway in a skit in which she was interviewed by CNN's Jake Tapper and he asked her what she got out of this. She breaks out into song in signing that her name will be on everybody's lips. "I am going to be a celebrity."