According to a study done by #Dr Amy Klinger, a specialist and highly regarded expert in school safety and crisis management, most of the reports about school closings and incidences in 2016 were actually related to bomb threats, that worrying issue that strikes at the heart of any parent.

Hundreds of schools can close in a single day

Whether it’s the front page news coverage of #organized threats that can wreak havoc on hundreds of Schools in a 24 hour period, or a local threat that doesn't last beyond an hour or two (bearing in mind that some local schools that are shuttered by a bogus but yet upsetting intimidation), it seems that these anxiety-inducing bomb threats are suddenly much more frequent than they used to be.

The Educator’s School Safety Network compiled a report on these nerve-wracking bomb incidents in schools nationwide to cast light on the growing problem, since it is a problem being seen in both the US and internationally. The 2015-2016 year was a particularly worrisome time.

Additionally, other issues and elements are a #cause for concern. Whether it's the way in which schools are trained to respond, or to the readiness of nearby emergency services, this seems to be a trend that won't go away.