There is never a dull moment when it comes to Donald J. Trump! Love him or hate him, no doubt he keeps us entertained and commands the attention of the entire world. Donald Trump has now taken on both North Korea and China; the President-elect is using a single stone to kill two birds at the same time.

Trump in two wars - China and North Korea

On Monday, in his first tweet, Mr. Trump commented that, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, said his administration was finalizing a test dispatch of an intercontinental ballistic rocket. Kim Jong Un also stated that they are putting the finishing touches on building an atomic weapon that could strike parts of the U.S.

Less than an hour later, Mr. Trump pointed the finger at Beijing for not getting serious about North Korea's weapons program. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that China has been taking out huge amounts of cash and resources from the United States in an absolutely uneven exchange yet won't assist with North Korea.

Trump angry at China and North Korea - loves Russia

Twitter-friendly Trump has once again triggered a war of words against China through his Twitter account. But, this is a sharp deviation with his tweets on Russia, whom many are saying that he admired, obviously, for helping him defeat Hillary Clinton to win the US Presidency with the infamous Russian hack.

Six nation talk to end N. Korea atomic program

Inquiries concerning Mr. Trump's tweets at a press conference on Tuesday, China's Foreign Ministry representative Geng Shuang said that China's involvement with the issue of North Korean atomic weapons is clear for all to see. Shuang also indicated that his country had met with six countries that are persuading North Korea to dismantle its atomic program.

Foreign Minister Shuang, also noted that China supports the United Nations sanctions against North Korea.

And any relationship problem that the US is claiming against China should be dealt with in a professional manner through the discourse of diplomatic discussions. declared Minister Geng Shuang.