It seems like the President-elect of the great United States of America is getting on everybody’s nerves these days. Trump’s latest opponent would surely surprise you, especially when it comes to intelligence gathering that keeps the country safe.

Head of CIA silenced the outspoken Donald Trump

In a highly anticipated senate meeting on Thursday, James R. Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence did not hold his tongue when he made some serious comments directly aimed at the man who will be the 45th President of the USA. The rough and turbulent ride began after Trump lambasted the US intelligence agencies with some critical remarks.

Finally, Clapper got a chance to take some serious digs at the very outspoken Donald J. Trump at an intelligence briefing on Capitol Hill. At the Senate Armed Service Committee, Clapper made his remarks, He said, “there is a difference between displaying healthy ‘skepticism’ of our intelligence mechanism, whereas disowning ‘us’ on the Russian hacking issue by none other than our next president is disappointing, to say the least.”

Democrats and GOP bond together against Trump

And interestingly enough, Clapper was supported by some Democrat and Republican Senators. Sen. Claire McCaskil (Dem-Miss) opened up the responses by stating that she wonders who will reap the benefits of an incoming President insulting his country's own intelligence network.

McCaskill also stated that the establishment is not perfect and operated by human beings who sometimes make mistakes. Clapper also made his feelings known by saying that there is no appreciation shown for the sacrifices the intelligence agencies make to maintain the safety of the American people.

Senators upset with President-elect's behavior

However, things turned political again when Ms. McCaskill intervened and stated that the Republicans would've started several riots if the Democrats had shown the disrespect that Trump had shown to the nation's intelligence agencies. With tempers already flaring, Sen. John McCain quickly moved to quell the fire, he is also the Chairman of the Senate Armed Service committee.