President Donald Trump's executive order to start building "The Wall" along the U.S.-Mexican border has sparked anger in Mexico directed at Trump. In particular, the demand by Trump that Mexico "pay for the wall" is the catalyst for the anger in the country. That anger is also being aimed at U.S. companies doing business in Mexico, including starbucks, McDonald's, Wal-mart and Coca-Cola.

The seeds were planted last month when a Mexican state governor said that his government would no longer buy Ford vehicles after the automobile manufacturer announced pulling back an investment in the country under pressure from Trump.

The governor of the southeastern state of Campeche, Alejandro Moreno, said at the time it is time for "Mexicans to show what we are made of."

Mexican governor urges boycotts against U.S. companies

The Mexican state governor also urged more actions like this across the country of Mexico. However, Mexico's most successful and wealthiest man, Carlos Slim, said on Friday that he thought the boycott against American companies were wrong. Mr. Slim said what needs to be done is "consuming what the country produces."

Social media campaign declares a trade war on America

The social media campaign displays a digital image of a "clenched fist bathed in the red, white and green of Mexico’s flag and decorated with the nation’s emblematic eagle." The campaign advocates consumers to consume products made in the country and using buying power to punish the companies that favoring Trump policies.

Trump has inspired nationalism . . . in Mexico

The Trump induced boycott has ironically sparked a strong feeling of nationalism with the Mexican people, calling for the Mexican people to "Buy Mexico" and to not buy American.

Donald Trump is a despised figure in Mexico and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is not faring much better in popularity due to his agreeing to meet with Trump prior to the election in America. Trump ran on a message of nationalism and "America First" and it seems the Mexican people are saying "Mexico First."