Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is considering canceling his upcoming trip to the White House next Tuesday, according to a New York Times report on Thursday. He delivered a message on Twitter that didn't directly address the issue of the trip but said he would consult with lawmakers in his country about the path forward in relations with the U.S. in view of the executive order of starting immediate construction of the "wall." He said during his video message the "wall" only divides us and does not unite us.

Mexico will use U.S. Consulates to protect immigrants

During his taped video translated from Spanish into English President Peña Nieto has ordered Mexican government agencies to step up protection for immigrants and said the 50 Mexican Consulates in the United States will be used as safe havens in order to "defend the rights of immigrants in the country."

Mexico will 'not pay for the wall'

He also reiterated his stance that Mexico "would not pay" for The Wall, in spite of Trump's repeated assertions to the contrary. Mexico has chosen "dialogue" over "confrontation" but it appears that approach is not working.

There is also the added reality that the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) will be canceled or at least renegotiated by Trump.

The pressure is mounting inside Mexico to cancel the trip to send a strong message to President Trump.

He was widely criticized during the presidential campaign when he invited Trump to visit, who took him up on the invitation. The trip, it seems, only benefited Trump with the American electorate and did nothing but pose political problems in making him look weak.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada tweeted in colorful language Mexico will not pay for the wall.

In a series of other tweets, the former Mexican President laid into Trump about the wall, nafta and even took a shot at him about the false claims in the U.S. of voter fraud.

The situation could prove to be a detriment to the United States in that it ironically poses security threats, another unintended consequence of building the "wall." Readers may recall that after Trump secured the nomination, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush blasted Trump and said there would not be a wall and if there was, Mexico will not pay for it.