US Intelligence intercepts Russian diplomats celebrating Donald Trumps win over Democrat nominee; Hillary Rodham Clinton.The news broke earlier today through the US intelligence agency that Vladimir Putin's country describes the win as a geopolitical win for the Russian empire.

Russia celebrates Donald Trump unlikely win

The senior officials were seen on the video congratulating themselves on the historic win of the incoming 45th President of the United States of America. Members of the US intelligence team saw the cyber attack as a mandate to solidify the pathway of Donald Trump to the White House.

However, when news first broke of the assumed Russian election hack, President-elect Trump was quick to blast the US agencies claim as utter rubbish. But, according to sources close to the investigation led by the Virginia-based CIA headquarters, stated that the spy agency had excellent evidence showing the hand prints collected from the software that was used to carry out the attack in the Democrat party email account as well as the account of Hillary Clinton the nominee for the Democratic party.

CIA intelligence proves Russian election interference

A thorough investigation into the hacking have provided the CIA with the identity of those are responsible for the hacking of the targeted accounts.

The investigative report also highlights the efforts employed by the hackers to acquire sensitive information for their own exploits as well as posting detrimental information on the renowned WikiLeaks website.

The investigation is currently being circulated in Washington it also provides evidence of the Russian involvement in US affairs over the past nine years inclusive of the recently held November 2016, election.

Barack Obama and Donald Trump hack evidence

President Barack Obama received the 50-page document that detailed the Russia's interference that helped President-elect Trump, who had no experience in politics. Additionally, Donald Trump, who had dismissed the earlier findings as failed intelligence done by the spy agency will receive the much-anticipated files at his office in New York, on Friday reported MSN.

The President-elect who is currently at odds with all US intelligence agencies had gathered his team of top intelligence advisors who are now devising plans to tear down the spy organizations because he claimed they have become too politicized. However, he stated that he plans to add important pieces to the organization making them stronger and more accountable.