All of the hoopla surrounding Donald Trump's inauguration has generated plenty of chatter, but things like Barron Trump's high five diss and other lighter moments are generating perhaps even more banter as many people search for comedic moments amid all of the drama. The 10-year-old was not seen all that much during the campaign itself, but Donald and Melania Trump's son is now garnering plenty of attention.

Baron Trump leaves mom hanging

Melania Trump tried to get a high five from Barron Trump during the presidential inauguration at one point, but as details, the new first lady was left hanging.

That wasn't the only moment that showcased mom and son not being quite on the same page, as she had also reached out to hold her son's hand while the family was walking in the inaugural parade and he quickly snatched his hand away then as well. Granted, many would point out that Barron was acting as many 10-year-old boys would in such a situation, wanting some distance from his mom and overall a bit bored with the lengthy formal proceedings.

A lighter moment was caught later in the day, however. In this case, Barron was playing peek-a-boo with sister Ivanka Trump's baby Theo as the family stood behind Donald as he signed some of his first documents as president. The clip of Barron playing with Theo was shared by Us Weekly and it gave many throughout the country a glimpse at the fun and sweet side of Barron that hasn't had much opportunity to emerge over the course of the past few months.

People may not see much of the first son in these early months of the new presidency

Reports have indicated that Melania and Barron will stay based in New York City at least until the summer so that the young boy doesn't need to change schools mid-year. There have been some rumors swirling about Barron possibly being autistic and critics of the family have called out how bored he sometimes seems to be at the various presidential events.

However, these more negative reports have been hit with plenty of backlash from people on both sides of the political aisle, noting that kids within the first families should be off-limits when it comes to criticism and speculation.

While Melania and Barron may be able to stay out of the limelight to a large degree over the next few months as they focus on their everyday lives in New York, there is little doubt that they will be big topics of conversation as things progress with this controversial presidency.

Moments like Barron Trump's high five diss with his mother or his light-hearted playing with his nephew are clearly a fun distraction from some of the more serious moments evolving in these early days of adjustment for President Donald Trump, his family, and his new administration, and people are enjoying seeing some more personal moments from the new first family.