It has been a very tough week for President Obama! If stepping down from the US Presidency in a few weeks isn't already enough - and now his iconic policy Is in serious danger!

Democrats versus Republicans in Affordable Care Act

As the Republican camp gets ready to take over the House, Senate and the Oval Office, plans to repeal the signature Obamacare health plan are being devised to entirely repeal the law. But, Barack Obama is not taking the proposed measure lightly; he has been having closed door meetings throughout Wednesday with Democrats in the Senate and Congress.

President Obama fights for his Obamacare law

Although the Potus has not released an official statement as yet, the Democrats are solely focusing on their defense against the Republican Party attack on the Affordable Care Act.

With that said, there hasn't been a more aggressive stance taken by both sides of the aisle on any policy changes proposed by either party. But while the Republicans are marching towards a full repeal of the law - Democrats are insisting that they should "Just fix the issues that they found in Obamacare".

President Obama's rare visit made to the Capitol is touted to be his "Final Stronghold" to protect his most passionate and signature law that he championed during the course of his presidency. However, while Barack Obama has not held a press conference in the light of the Republican's announcement, he was sending a very strong message to the Democrats that they have to stand up and fight rather than let the GOP ruin the party's legacy.

What is the Republican's alternative to Obamacare?

While President Obama was meeting with his party, Mike Pence and Donald Trump were also having discussions with Republican senators outlining their plan for the near future. The Vice President-elect and President-elect will use a 1-2 approach in repealing the Affordable Care Act with executive orders and legislation to kill Obamacare.

However, they had asked the GOP Senators to work out a suitable alternative that will replace the ACA health law.

Perhaps the most notable response came from Mike Spence after the meeting when he declared that "Obamacare is a total failure."