The inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump is quickly approaching, the event is scheduled for the 20th of January 2017. Already most guests had already confirmed their attendance with Trump's inauguration planning team. But while the historic event is slated to be a historic occasion, some people had declined Donald Trump's invitation citing, fear of backlash from their fans and demonstrators who had planned to be out in large numbers.

Political turnaround

However, a couple of unlikely people had recently confirmed that they will show up to support the President-elect on his memorable occasion.

The former president, Bill Clinton announced on Capitol Hill today that he and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton will attend the inauguration of the 45th US President.

This move came as a huge surprise to most people, who had witnessed the bruising rhetoric that was exchanged between Mrs. Clinton and then Republican candidate Donald Trump. But while they had mended their political fences, it is left to be seen how the Clinton's will react to the title of Mr. President Donald J. Trump.

Lately, the current tension between the Democratic and Republican party had spilled onto popular social media platforms. The President-elect Donald Trump had accused the current President Barack Obama of sabotaging his transition to the Oval office.

Trump had declared on Twitter that President Obama and his transition team had created roadblocks to the White House.

In another heated exchange, both men argued about who would win the US Presidency if they were the selected nominee of their respective party. Now that the Clinton's had made the first step to support the next US President, regardless of the party they represent, the general public is watching to see if other senators from the Democratic Party will show up and put their rivalry aside, if only, for a single day.


Historically in the US over 200-year-old history, past Presidents and their spouses have always attended the inauguration of a new President. Notably, all sitting senators are known to be present at the event with a single exception when 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney publicly declared that he would boycott the second inauguration of Barack Obama and spend the day with his family in La Jolla.

Former Presidents; Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush are confirmed to be in attendance, however, former President George H. W. Bush will miss the event due to poor health conditions.