Unless the economy implodes or President Trump is caught up in a major scandal, the Democrats are going to have major problems keeping the Republicans from padding their majority in the Senate in 2018. The opposition is defending 25 Senate seats, including the two “independents” who caucus with the Democrats. So Hot Air is reporting that the Democrats have more reason to feel heart burn in that Sen. Elizabeth Warren from deep blue Massachusetts and the darling of the far left has underwater reelection numbers. Only 44 percent of her state believe that she deserved reelection.

46 percent would like her to be retired to the private sector that she so warmly despises.

How is it that the darling of the far left, the woman whom millions of liberals dream will pick up the fallen banner that Hillary Clinton let slip from her fingers, to sweep away Donald Trump and all he represents, get those kinds of numbers? Perhaps the reason is that Senate Warren is just too annoying even for the good people of Massachusetts. The fact that a plurality do not want her to remain a senator, not to mention run for president, should be bone chilling for Democrats.

Of course, that does not mean that Warren will lose in 2018. The Republicans have to put up a viable candidate against her, a tall order in a state where that party has not altogether prospered in recent years.

On the other hand, does it take a Republican to take Warren out of the Senate? She could get primaried.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has just returned home after having been ambassador to Japan for the past three years. The daughter of the sainted and martyred President John F. Kennedy is said to be searching for a new job, perhaps elected office.

To be sure she lived most of her life in Manhattan, but it would be a simple matter for her to move to Boston and establish residency, just as Hillary Clinton did in Westchester to become a senator from New York.

One suspects that the people of Massachusetts would welcome Caroline Schlossberg with the kind of ecstasy usually reserved for the arrival of a royal princess.

In that state, where her father was born and which her uncle Teddy represented in the Senate for decades, that would not be far wrong. She is already being compared to Hillary Clinton, hut without the stench of corruption and law breaking. If Schlossberg doesn’t blow it, she might be elected by acclimation.

After that, who knows? A return of Camelot, but this time with a queen (“all will worship me and despair!”)