The recently concluded US election was one of the most spirited in the US 200-year-old history. Additionally, what makes this story so fascinating is the journey of Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who fought his way to the coveted White House.This will be one for the fairy tale storybook, due to the fact that the President-elect had no prior experience in the political arena unlike everyone in the Republican party whom he trumped to win the US presidency.

The election is now over, and Donald Trump will be sworn in on January 20th, 2017, as the 45th President of the United States of America.

However, the November 8th, 2016, election seems to remain fresh on everyone's mind as it is now embroiled in a never-ending saga involving Russia.

This debacle has the making of a spine-tingling spy thriller that is slowly unfolding on national television around the globe.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement department had released several statements stating that Russian hackers had hacked into the accounts of the Democratic party. And released detrimental information to likely voters who would have voted for Hillary Clinton the nominee for the Democrats. Several news outlets reported that the damaging information released had influenced the outcome of the election in favor of Donald J.


USA expelled Russian Diplomats

A few days ago, 35 Russians were expelled from the United States by a sanction put in place by President Barack Obama. Donald Trump, the now Twitter-friendly President-elect said he was against the move, and also alluded that it's time the US moved on from the Russian hacking scandal.

Is Donald Trump a liar?

However, while Trump had cast doubt on the Moscow election hacking link, one of his top advisors revealed that Russia was definitely behind the hacked election. According to CNN, the view of the President-elect and his top advisor contradicts each other beliefs on who is responsible for the hack.

James Woolsey, a former CIA director in a statement to a CNN reporter stated that although it is difficult to ascertain all who were behind the election hack, he knows that Russia played a significant role.

His response was based on the investigation results that reported that the fingerprints left behind points to interference by Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

Ex-CIA director Woolsey, also noted that President-elect Donald Trump was an expert when it comes to distorting facts.

Woolsey, made that assertion when asked if he thinks Trump was playing the media when asked who was responsible for the hacks. CNN, also reported that another official had indicated that they found the special keyboards that were used to construct the destructive malware. He also stated that per their thorough investigation, they were able to track the digital fingerprints back to the Russian government.

However, while every government-backed law enforcement agency in the US had concluded that Russia and other outside entities had orchestrated the election result - President-elect Donald Trump and most of his administration are still denying that Russia had manipulated the election in favor of the incoming Republican Party.