There are only four days left until Donald Trump takes over the presidency of the United States. However, last Friday the President-elect's approval rating was only 40 percent, the lowest percentage of the last 3 US presidents. Barack Obama, who has presided over the country for the past eight years, had 44 points more than Trump. The data is contained in the new CNN/ORC survey, released on Monday.

Obama took over in 2009 with an index of 84%, while Bill Clinton in 1992 had an approval rating of 67% at the end of December. In 2001, before assuming office, George W.

Bush had a 61 percent approval rating.

Doubtful performance

The way Trump has handled the presidential transition has left most American people with growing doubt about the magnate's performance once he takes over the White House. After an interview, about 54 percent of respondents said Donald Trump's statements and actions during the transitional phase affected their confidence in his ability to govern the country. The public's opinion was divided when asked if Trump would be a good president, and many wondered how his victory with such low ratings was possible. On his Twitter, Trump published a response to the research:

Negative impressions

Since the November 2016 election, Americans' impression of Trump has worsened.

With an increase of 7 points, the disapproval of the transition period reached 52%. The percentage of those who say Donald Trump will do a good job fell 5 points, and those who lost confidence in the future president had a 10-point increase.

After winning the election, Trump was surrounded by new controversies that may have destabilized the belief of the American people in his administration.

In addition to facing criticism for nepotism and conflicts of interest, the President-elect had to respond to the existence of a document that alleges sexual activities of the Republican in Moscow and his involvement with Russian authorities. However, the content of the report (produced by a former British spy), did not have its authenticity confirmed, with rumors that the report is false altogether.