Last Monday, a Police officer from the Orlando Police Department was shot and died when she arrived at the hospital because she could not resist her injuries. It happened next to a supermarket in Pine Hill. Debra Clayton was hit during a clash with Markeith Loyd, who is accused of murder. In a Twitter posting, the boss of the Orlando Police hailed Debra as a hero.

"She gave her life protecting the community that she loved," said John Mina, reported the Orlando Sentinal.

A veteran of the police, newlywed and mother, Clayton was a brave and determined woman.

Her work went beyond her role as a police officer. She was always involved in volunteer work and her main goal was to end violence. A few years ago she started a non-profit organization to help women and girls who were victims of violence and abuse.

Recognized and admired

Prior to joining the police, Debra had a degree in public administration from Central Florida University in 1998, and in 2002 she earned a master's degree in criminal justice from the same university. Clayton joined the Orlando police in 1999. Jonathan Tomas, Debra's cousin, said she always wanted to be a police officer. Neighbors and close friends said they always remember how Debra was, a kind and friendly person, always willing to help.

"She wanted to be a police officer so she could do good and get bad people off the streets." said Thomas.

The wanted fugitive

The wanted fugitive for the murder of Debra Clayton is Markeith Loyd. He is also wanted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in December 2016. According to police reports, she was pregnant when she was killed.

After firing on Debra and another police officer at the scene, Markeith fled by stealing a car, and during the escape caused the death of another police officer who was chasing him when he hit the vehicle with his police bike.

Loyd left the vehicle time later in the vicinity of Cinderlane Parkway. A $ 100,000 reward has been provided for information to help police arrest him. Orlando Police Department has asked the population to be careful, as Markeith Loyd is armed and dangerous.