On Wednesday afternoon, President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since winning the election. During the press conference, Trump clashed with a CNN reporter, while defending himself from recent reports that he labeled "Fake News."

Trump on Twitter

After CNN released their bombshell exclusive Tuesday night, Donald Trump was forced to hit back against allegations that Russia had planned to blackmail him after obtaining "compromising" documents about his past. Buzzfeed went even further in their reporting, claiming that the information allegedly secured by Russia involved a video tape with Trump and sex workers engaging in "golden showers." The Buzzfeed report remains unverified, but CNN continues to stand by their original story of the potential blackmail.

As seen on his official Twitter account on January 11, Trump is speaking out.

"We had a great News Conference at Trump Tower today," Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter page, before adding, "A couple of FAKE NEWS organizations were there but the people truly get what's going on." The "fake news" organizations that Trump is alluding to would be CNN and Buzzfeed. During the press conference, Trump got into a heated exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta who repeatedly attempted to ask a question.

The billionare real estate mogul refused to let Acosta speak, referring to him as "rude," before pointing his finger and stating, "You are fake news."

Controversy kicks off

The press conference, which was held at Trump Tower in New York City, last over an hour, continued to add fuel to the fire of controversy surrounding the upcoming administration.

Before Donald Trump was introduced, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, kicked off the conference, denying and pushing back against the aforementioned report.

Final countdown

Despite the backlash and bombshell report by CNN, Donald Trump is now just over a week away from becoming the next President of the United States.

With the former host of "The Apprentice" heading into the White House, it doesn't appear he will be interested in further investigating the issue of Russia hacking the Democratic National Committee, despite a growing bipartisan effort in Congress.