Moments after Donald Trump took the oath of office and was sworn in as the new president on Inauguration Day, he addressed the crowd with a 16-minute speech. After Trump concluded his remarks, the consensus from most media outlets was that the speech was not as uplifting and positive as it could have been.

Trump fact-checked

In the days leading up to his inauguration, Donald Trump bragged about his big speech, making sure to let everyone know that he wrote it himself. The billionaire real estate mogul went as far tweeting a picture of himself, at his desk, allegedly writing it.

The picture soon went viral, with social media users mocking the new president in the process. During the speech, Trump spoke about "American carnage" that was caused by an onslaught of crime, and that he would be the one to bring justice back to the country. In response, the news media criticized the speech, with the exception of most at Fox News, despite what was seen in a Trump Twitter message on January 21.

"A fantastic day and evening in Washington D.C.," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter Saturday morning, before adding, "Thank you to @FoxNews and so many other news outlets for the GREAT reviews of the speech!" While many on Fox News were pleased with the speech, that's where the praise ended.

MSNBC was predictably the first to pile on Trump, with host Chris Matthews labeling the remarks "Hitlerian." Other network hosts like Rachel Maddow continued to hammer home the dark and divisive tone of the former host of "The Apprentice," while "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd said "it felt as though he almost was insulting every living president."

On CNN, host Jake Tapper went on to say, "One of the most radical inauguration speeches we’ve ever heard." Fellow CNN host John King described it as "pessimistic." The USA Today also labeled Trump's speech as "dark" and "defiant."

Backlash continues

Despite claiming that "so many other news outlets" were fans of his speech, that didn't appear to be the case.

Many pointed out, in humorous fashion, that Donald Trump lifted a line from the movie "The Dark Knight Returns." We are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people," Trump said, which is nearly identical to what the Batman villain known as "Bane" said in the film.

Next up

While Donald Trump continues to tweet and comment using questionable information, his supporters don't appear to mind. Trump is now the new president as the United States enters a new era, despite the growing backlash against him.