Yesterday, a video went viral of a young, mentally disabled man getting tortured and beat while on camera. Four suspects are currently in custody and awaiting charges due to their involvement in the kidnapping and beating. In the video, you can hear anti-white and anti-Trump sentiments from the abductors.


The online reaction has been incredibly dividing. People from all sides of the political spectrum are reacting to the crime in different ways. Black Lives Matter supporters and Liberals are rallying together to denounce the crime and assure everyone that this crime wasn't something they wanted.

A group of mainly white spectators are calling the crime a result of the Black Lives Matter movement. Conservative commentator, Tomi Lahren released a new Facebook video where she claimed that she was waiting for leaders of Black Lives Matter to denounce this hate crime.

#BLMKidnapping trended on Twitter earlier today, with many users venting their apparent frustrations.

BLM Responds

Many popular activists also took to Twitter to express their feelings about the recent crime.

Franchesca Ramsey, a 31-year-old writer, comedian, and MTV "Decoded" host used her account to set the record straight.

Some of her other tweets read:

"I've never encouraged or condoned violence of any kind against anyone.

but if something I've said makes YOU feel otherwise...not my [problem]. I'm only responsible for my own words/actions. Full stop. Feel free to screenshot if you're confused."

DeRay Mckesson also responded to the video and BLM taking the blame:

Shaun King released his statement through the New York Times.

In his article, Shaun King explains the reasons why he won't be fighting for justice for the Chicago victim.

"This country does not need me to speak out on crimes committed by black folk because nobody in this country is held more responsible for the crimes they commit, and even the crimes they don’t commit, than black folk in America...

I speak out on injustice. What happened to this man in Chicago was terrible. It was criminal. I hate it, but guess what — justice was swift. It was miraculously swift."

Activist and YouTuber, Kat Blaque condemned the beating as well.

BLM correlation?

So far, there has been no concrete proof that the kidnappers did this in the name of Black Lives Matter. Public officials are also claiming that the young man could've possibly been targeted due to his disability, rather than his race. Further details have yet to be released.