For close to forty years, an award-winning company called School Zone has been offering an array of supplemental educational solutions to educators, parents, and guardians. Their products include software, videos, music, and apps; as well as more traditional items like flash cards and workbooks for school aged children. Their wares are designed by educational professionals who expertly research childhood cognitive development. The company is especially interested in making Learning accessible from anywhere at any time. Hence, their products have proven to be especially popular among homeschooling families.

Recently, they debuted an online destination called "Anywhere Teacher" that enables kids to use School Zone's curriculum in a digital setting from absolutely any location in the world.


Anywhere Teacher is a global platform that aims to teach children essential concepts no matter in which country they reside. Aimed at kids aged two to eight, the platform is regarded as "a digital learning playground" that aspires to make learning fun. The system is easy for youngsters to navigate and features interactive games, worksheets, videos, flash cards and more. Anywhere Teacher is compatible with most computers and smart devices, can be delivered to numerous devices at once, and is monitored by parents who wish to track their children's educational progress.

Subscriptions start at $6.99 per month, and anyone who signs up for a free trial will also have a gift mailed to their children. The content on the platform is largely entertaining as well as educational which makes kids want to view it. There are over 600 videos that teach different skills and clips range in style from animation to live action and even stop-motion.

Some videos include "Charlie & Company," which features School Zone’s popular golden retriever mascot, Charlie. All the learning tools aim to enhance skills in math, spelling, vocabulary, and other essential subjects.


For preschoolers, the “Little Scholar Mini” is a newly released seven-inch tablet that comes preloaded with over seventy apps, songs, e-books and videos aimed at preschoolers.

“Kids can learn the same skills different ways to accommodate different learning styles,” said Jonathan Hoffman, president of School Zone Publishing. “This helps reinforce concepts and promotes better retention.” Both Anywhere Teacher and the Mini Scholar tablet enables children to watch all thirteen episodes of “Charlie & Company”, a series by School Zone that features a teacher named Miss Ellie and an adored golden retriever named Charlie. In each story, Charlie and his human friends partake in learning adventures where they playfully practice skills that are essential for school success. “Golden retrievers are very happy, loving dogs; they always look like they are smiling,” Jonathan Hoffman stated.

“Kids respond to their happiness and gentle nature. That’s why we chose that bred for our original series.” All the content is created in-house, and every product comes with comprehensive instructions. School Zone is actively seeking to expand their offerings in 2017. “We hope that parents, teachers, and educators fully explore the content,” Jonathan Hoffman declared. “It is the culmination of all types of learning activities that we have worked on for so many years, and it offers so many ways to learn basic skills—from worksheets to videos, flash cards to a learning tablet, and kids will find the subscription service as rewarding as our traditional print materials and tablets. It comes with membership rewards, too. All kids deserve a good education, and through virtual mediums we can offer that worldwide.”