Vowing to follow the Constitution rather than a State judge's ruling, Democrat Polly Baca says she is willing to risk loss of her position and even prosecution to try and get some other Republican the majority of votes or deny trump the necessary 270 votes in the Electoral College, and therefore send the decision to the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

Polly Baca on CNN

She told CNN at 1:45 today that for the first time in half a century she is afraid for the future of The United States of America if Donald Trump is actually sworn in as President.

Polly Baca, a former Democratic State Senator for Colorado is a Clinton supporter and Electoral College Elector, but, knowing that it is likely impossible to get Republican votes for Clinton in the Electoral College, she is planning to vote for some alternate Republican candidate to either get that person elected or at a minimum get the election thrown into The House of Representatives for them to perhaps choose someone other than Donald Trump, even a Republican.

Polly Baca, along with others in several states (Including Washington) are joining together with other supporters of the Constitution as "Hamilton Electors" who vow to follow the Constitutional requirement for the Electoral College to make the actual first and in fact only decision as to who wins the vote and is actually going to be sworn in as President of the United States in January.

They take their name from Alexander Hamilton who, in The Federalist Papers, explained that the Electoral College was needed to buffer between voters who might be fooled by a demagogue or someone who they didn't know had vast foreign entanglements when they voted in November.

Since November Donald Trump has not yet moved to divest himself of his vast global investments and has only said so far that his kids would take over.

One of his kids, Ivanka Trump is going to move into the White House where she will act as First Lady temporarily.

Presumptive President-elect

Mr. Trump is only the presumptive President-elect because the President and Vice President are not voted for in November; only Electoral College electors who make the actual decision as to who becomes President and Vice President in January when they cast the first and only actual votes for the offices on January 19 (next Monday).

If a majority of one plus half (or 270 electoral votes) do not go to a single candidate, then the Replublican-held House will choose the President from the top three vote-getters in the College, and the Vice President will be selected by the Senate.