Jenna Louis Driscoll, 27, pleaded guilty to charges of Bestiality in court then broke down in tears when the judge ordered her behind bars until her sentencing hearing. The judge appeared disgusted when hearing the details of this woman having sex with her dog and called these acts completely "against the order of nature" and "repulsive."

Brings dog to court

Driscoll appeared in a video performing sexual acts with a pit bull terrier, which is thought to be the same dog she brought with her to court when answering to these charges. Police found this video during an unrelated investigation and they were able to track down Driscoll.

Publicly shamed

Judge Terry Martin heard the case in Bisbane District Court back in August, but Driscoll appeared back in court this week to make her plea in the case. Her attorney said that she did these things with the dog at the request of her partner. Her lawyer claims that she has now been publicly shamed.

Bestiality not the only charge

She was also facing charges of cannabis trafficking, biting a child and stabbing someone with a fork. Driscoll admitted in court that she is also guilty of these charges, according to The Sun. It appeared that she did not realize there was a possibility she could spend time in jail over this. When the judge ordered her to wait out her sentencing hearing behind bars, she became very upset and broke down in tears.

The Animal Rights folks in Queensland admit this is an unusual case. Because bestiality isn't included in the Animal Care Protection Act their hands are tied when it comes to taking custody of the dog. In order for this organization to legally take the dog out of Driscoll's care they'd have to prove that what she did to the animal was cruel, according to The Metro.

Dog stays with owner

If the bestiality was still occurring, the RSPCA would like nothing more than to get the animal out of the home, but in order to do that they would have to prove the cruelty as cited by the law. The agency said they would try everything that is within their power to help the dog if the animal was still being subjected to bestiality.