Did Hillary Clinton just catch the biggest break ever with the FBI and DOJ? The latest email scandal, related to hundreds of thousands of State Department emails found on the shared laptop of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, threatens the POTUS hopeful days before the election. But FBI conflict of interest couldcause this scandalto be fast-tracked to the trash heap. Here’s why.

Assistant AG Peter J Kadzik handling probe

Letters sent on October 31 to Congress from the Department of Justice related to request for more information on the renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged confidentiality breaches while serving as Secretary of State were signed by Assistant Attorney General Peter J Kadzik.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s a close friend of John Podesta, who himself has been embroiled in an email leak scandal. Podesta emails have been trending on Twitter for weeks. Podesta’s leaked emails were blamed on Russian hackers by the Clinton campaign, but the truth was more banal.

The leaked emails themselves revealed that John Podesta left his cell phone behind in a taxi cab and his device and emails were secured by shockingly poor passwords one of which was “p@assword.” The Podesta leaks were carelessness, not a vast Russian conspiracy.

Podesta pal overseeing Weinergate

But with the obvious conflict of interest, why attach someone Clinton and Podesta-adjacent to the new Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner probe?

The Department of Justice is a large place, why not find someone with no relationship to the Clintons or John Podesta whose emails have revealed reams of inappropriate activity related to the 2016 Clinton campaign?

Kadzik and Podesta are old friends going back to their days at Georgetown law so this doesn’t seem like enough professional distance for this investigation.

This comes on top of AG Loretta Lynch dragging her feet before allowing the FBIa warrant to review the Weiner emails in question and active resistance from the Department of Justice to authorize a full investigation.

With #Decision2016 days away, it seems unlikely we’ll see much movement on the email investigation and perhaps less so with a Clinton insider overseeing the investigation.