Donald Trump’s election as president has caused a lot of disturbed behavior, including entitlement-addled college students rioting in the streets, screaming invective and at least one young man having a meltdown because he thinks he will die from global warming. Nothing was quite so disturbing as the reaction of a mom in Fort Bend Country, Texas, who devised a bizarre punishment for her young son upon learning that he had voted for Trump in a mock school election.

She packed his suitcase, gave him a sign that read "My mom kicked me out the house because I voted for Donald Trump,” and, announcing that she was throwing him out of the house, marched him out to the nearest street corner bawling his eyes out.

Since the video of the incident below has become viral on social media, both the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Department and Child Protective Services have started an investigation. So far no arrests have been made nor has the boy in question been taken into protective custody since he did not seem to have any physical harm inflicted on him. The mom in question is explaining that it was all a joke. One wonder if a woman is capable of doing this what else if she capable of ?

The psychological harm that was inflicted on the boy has yet to be evaluated. The mental depravity on the part of the mom has not been examined either. The story does not mention a dad in the picture.

However, the neighborhood, which also witnessed the heart-rending incident, is in turmoil, as it should be, and many across the nation who have seen the video are in a state of outrage.

The comments sections of various news accounts and social media are being inundated with demands that the woman be arrested and the child taken away from her and placed in a more decent home.

The incident should give the people who have been “triggered” by the Trump election some pause. What is it about Donald Trump that has caused so many people to react as if they have become bereft of reason?

Most people, if they live long enough, will see the election of more than one president whom they think is going to bring about the end of days. Somehow the nation survives anyway. The same likely cannot be said for a troubled family deep in the heart of Texas.