First Lady Michelle Obama has been on the cover of many magazines during her eight years in the White House. Most of the covers featured the First Lady in a more formal and regal look. The December issue of Vogue magazine is probably the last magazine where Michelle Obama will be on the cover while bearing the title of First Lady of the United States. The December issue is the third Vogue cover featuring First Lady Michelle Obama.

December issue of Vogue

On Vogue's cover, Mrs. Obama is relaxing in the White House garden wearing a slinky white Carolina Herrera sleeveless gown.

She is wearing a pair of Monique Péan earrings and a magnificent sparkly ring. In the photo, there is no White House or any other evidence in the background showing where she has been living since 2008. However, the photos inside the magazine do include recognizabe background images.

Inside, the First Lady is wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress from Atelier Versace as she is seen on the veranda. She is also seen sitting on a stone staircase and standing by a column. These photos are different from the way other first ladies had been pictured. In fact, they different from the way Mrs. Obama has been photographed herself. The photos were taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz. The pictures tell a story of a transition from one phase of Obama's life to the next one.

The article inside the magazine was written by Jonathan Van Meter detailing her time in the White House.

After leaving the White House

People are wondering what Michelle Obama will do after January 20. People on social media are suggesting that she runs for President of the United States in 2020. However, President Obama said on a talk show that his wife has no interest in politics after their term is up.

The photo on the cover of Vogue and the photos inside the magazine make a statement that Mrs. Obama is moving on.

The photographs tell a story of Obama's transition. They bridge the gap between what was and what will be for her. The earlier pictures were to assure the public that she could fit into the tradition of being a first lady; especially an African-American first lady inside the White House The photos in the December issue of Vogue assure the public that she can be a lady outside the White House.