Donald Trump might like the idea of a wall (that could cost $10.5B) along the Mexican/American border to keep out illegal immigrants. Perhaps there's a 'kayfabe' angle to exploit there in the fictional world of the WWE, one where Donald Trump could 'deport' some illegal Mexican wrestlers over the top rope and out of the ring with the help of, if you'll pardon the pun, some 'real Americans' like Hulk Hogan. On the lighter side of politics, the president elect has been named a 500 to 1 longshot to win the 2017 Royal Rumble, one that will take place in San Antonio, Texas in January.

Betting odds don't mean he's participating

Paddy Power sportsbook is the betting firm offering what could only be called a sucker bet. While odds as long as 500 to 1 accounts for plenty of risk Trump 'rasslin' would create a security nightmare as he will be President of the USA by the time the Royal Rumble rolls around on January 29th (presidential inauguration is January 20th). The annual sports entertainment event features 30 wrestlers entering the ring on timed intervals with the winner going to Wrestlemania for a title shot later in the year. That latter point would make Trump a poor selection to win the Royal Rumble, if the idea was to be entertained at all, as you have to wonder who would want to watch him wrestle at the age of 70 in Wrestlemania's main event.

Donald Trump has former appearances

But Donald Trump has been involved in WWE plot lines before. There was the Battle of the Billionaires in 2014 where Trump talked down Vince McMahon: "I'm taller than you, I'm better lookin' than you...I think I'm stronger than you, and I'm here to challenge you to a match."

Furthermore Trump's appearance at ringside back at Wrestlemania IV actually played into his election campaigning a wee bit.

Trump denied knowing Robert Libutti however there is footage of them together at the 1988 wrestling extravaganza. Trump stands to shake the hand of special ring announcer Bob Uecker and Libutti appears to be with Trump.

The WWE certainly has no trouble with dabbling in politics so it would not be out of their character for Trump to play a role in some kind of skit for the corporation.

Going way back to the Cold War era, The Bolsheviks represented a communist tag team. There was also the Muhammad Hassan character, an Arab American character in the post 9-11 climate. However, while the WWE gets political in storylines more than just occasionally, I can't think of a politician, let alone a president, getting involved. Then again, Trump was a longshot to win the presidency so maybe a Royal Rumble victory is in order.