The 2016 presidential election has been unique in the sense that it's been the first time social media has really impacted the race. After a year and a half of campaigning and expressing his views on Twitter, Donald Trump has been banned by his campaign from doing so in the future.

Trump silenced

One of the biggest criticisms against Trump has been his constant lashing out on Twitter to the 13 million users who follow him. Known for his controversial late-night tweets about celebrities, political opponents, or just his general thoughts and opinions, the Republican nominee was the first candidate to go rogue on the internet.

With just two days until Election Day, campaign aides have decided that enough is enough and have blocked any further use of the Twitter account by Trump, as reported by The Hill via The New York Times on November 6.

Over the last week, Trump has closed the gap against Hillary Clintonas the latest FBI email review and new Wikileaks dumps have impacted the Democratic nominee. In an attempt to keep the momentum going, aides in the Trump campaign have taken full control over their candidate's social media account as they try to stay on message over the next 48 hours.

The New York Times notes that top aide Hope Hicks has been sending Trump's tweets in recent days.

Trump has been kept fairly restrained in recent days, sticking to teleprompter speeches during his latest round of campaign stops.

The former host of "The Apprentice" made a name for himself early on during the election cycle by being an unorthodox candidate, but it appears that the campaign is doing whatever they can to limit potential blunders moving forward.

Final countdown

According to the latest Real Clear Politics rolling average, Trump is trailing Clinton by only two points on a national level, while chipping away at her lead in battleground states, including in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. Despite his recent comeback, most pollsters and political pundits believe that Clinton has done enough to reach the required 270 electoral votes needed to lock up the win this Tuesday.