The election campaign for the US president is coming to an end and in just about 3 days the result will be known. It is worth noting that Donald Trump who had started the election battle as the underdog and had seemed to have completely lost momentum with the revelations of his comments and conduct with women is now back in the reckoning. Hillary who at one stage enjoyed a 12 point lead and was smiling smugly in the knowledge of a sure shot at victory is worried. Her mentor Obama is even more worried, hence his appeal to blacks on racial lines to vote for Hillary.

Hillary and Trump are now level and it's anybody's guess who will prevail.

Forecast of the monkey

Many astrologers and a professor Allan Lichtman have forecast a Donald win. In fact, Allan Lichtman stands by his prediction and now we have another bizarre forecast, This is from China and obviously the prediction must be taken with a pinch of salt. The monkey is named Geda and is from Shiyanhu Ecological tourist park. The monkey is reported to have an uncanny sense and he can predict the winner of any competition. He is reported to have correctly forecast the winner of the 2016 Euro Cup by choosing Portugal as the winner. He was proved correct.

This time two large cutouts of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from cardboard were placed at some distance apart.

The two cutouts were separated by a table and a bunch of bananas was placed at the foot of each cutout. The monkey was enticed to select one of the two cutouts and to the astonishment of the viewers selected the cut out of Donald Trump. He showed his preference clearly by kissing the cutout of Donald Trump and his handler interpreted this to mean that the monkey Geda had chosen Donald as the victor.

Last word

Animals do have a sixth sense, but one wonders whether Geda the monkey is correct for it could be a simple case of Geda the monkey just liking the cutout of Donald and then kissing it. In India, many parrots are used by roadside astrologers to give predictions from a deck of cards and many are surprised at their uncanny accuracy. One wonders whether similarly the prediction of the ape Geda will come true. in any case, in another 3 days, the truth of the simian Geda's forecast will be verified.