A five-year-old child is hospitalized in critical condition and seven others were taken to hospitals after a sailboat carrying 30 people capsized and sank in San Francisco Bay near San Francisco’s famed Fisherman’s Wharf Saturday afternoon.

On a sunny and what had been a delightful day of Fleet Week activities in the city, officials say the child was one of 30 people rescued in a prompt but frantic rescue response by civilian boaters, the Coast Guard and local agencies after the 34-foot sailboat Khaleesi capsized about 100 yards from San Francisco’s Pier 45.

Officials say the child was pulled unconscious from the capsized boat by at least one Good Samaritan before the boat sank.

At least one person swam into cabin to rescue trapped boy

“I know of at least one of the person who actually who swam into the cabin to get that child and I believe the mother, out of the cabin of that boat,” San Francisco Fire Department Assistant Chief Bob Postel said during a press conference held after the incident.

Attempts were made to revive the five-year-old, first by the Good Samaritan and then by emergency responders, before the child was rushed to a local hospital.

With a full day of Fleet Week activities underway on Saturday, including the Blue Angels soaring overhead, there were scores of pleasure boats, as well as Coast Guard, fire and police department vessels on the bay at the time.

Private boaters tossed flotation devices to children, adults in the water

When the sailboat capsized and tossed its passengers into the waters of the bay a little after 4 p.m., the various vessels rushed to assist. Video shot by a person on one private boat shows a frantic scene during the initial stages of the rescues, with boaters throwing flotation devices to children and adults in the chilly water.

The Coast Guard, which was conducting safety drills in the area, responded with crews from two cutters, sent three boats and a helicopter. San Francisco police and fire boats also sped to the capsized boat. Because it was Fleet Week, the Oakland and South San Francisco Fire Departments also had boats on the area that responded as well.

"Strong operational partnerships among maritime agencies in the Bay Area were critical today, both in ensuring the waterside security of the Fleet Week air show events, and in emergency response resulting in the rescue of thirty people from the frigid Bay waters," Coast Guard Capt. Tony Ceraolo, said after the incident.

As rescuers pulled people from the water, fire officials declared a red alert, alerting local hospitals to expect a rush of patients. Besides the child in critical condition, two other children, one with serious injuries, and five adults were hospitalized. Officials say most of the injuries were related to being immersed in the cold water of the bay and were not considered to life-threatening.

The Coast Guard is trying to determine what caused the sailboat to capsize.