No one knows just what Bishop Eddie Long was suffering from when he became thin and gaunt months ago, but he emerges today as a self-proclaimed healthy man who was "healed by God." Along with Long's healing revelations, he claims to have a new balm and it's a substance that he will use to heal his followers who suffer in chronic pain. He made these claims during one of his recent sermons.

Mystery illness gone due to God?

While speculations of what had sickened the good Bishop churned online due to his past lifestyle, the real scoop was never revealed.

Earlier this month Eddie Longtook to his podium at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, after a hiatus due to sickness. Long flamboyantly spewed to his congregation that he has been on a "journey," a journey which was spent "recalibrating" himself.

Long emerges with 'healing balm' from God?

He then continued on to say God has healed him from an "undisclosed health challenge." He claims that God woke him up during this time, which was another bit of news that he shared with his followers. He also told the people in his church that he had a Healing balm for those suffering with chronic pain, reports BET News.

With that, Long whipped out what he referred to as a healing balm that he started to use to heal those in pain.

He told the full-house of worshipers that those who suffer "have to be controlled by pain killers."

Balm healing service begins

Long directed all of those in the church who are suffering with chronic pain to come forward to him so he could begin to heal them with this oil. As the folks walked up to the altar he started what he called a healing service with what looked more like an oil rather than a balm.

Let the healing begin!

Check out the YouTube video below of Long's healing service. As you can see in the video Long is just a mere portion of the once stocky man who stood at this same alter for many years. His weight loss is very apparent in this clip.

New gig for the Bishop?

So now Longhas a healing product? This conjures up shades of the snake oil salesmen who traveled the land with an oil, cream or suave that was promised to cure everything from pain to a bad tooth.

Is this a prelude to a new product Long is about to market? It seems very odd to make a claim that he is in possession of a "healing balm" after God woke him up and told him to go heal the hurting members of his parish.

Past headlines

Long made nationwide headlines for months a few years ago when several young men from his parish accused Long of grooming them as young teens and then coaxing them into sexual relations as time went by. Long denied the allegations and the cases were ultimately settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money, according to an archived article from CNN News.

Despite this horrendous scandal, Long never lost his place in the church. He never lost his wife, family or the admiration of his followers.

All these folks stayed by his side as these teens, who had turned into young men, came out one at a time to report their stories. They described what sounded like agrooming period orchestrated by Long. This included buying the teenage boys gifts. Some reported receiving very elaborate gifts, like a new car. This scandal has since blown over for the Bishop, but it looks as though maybe he is starting a new chapter of his life as a healer!