A.I has been developing at a staggering pace over the last three years, and it is now being used in various industries for multiple applications. We have always believed that A.I will be used to handle tasks that are repetitive or highly calculative, and the creative work will be left to human beings, but Sony’s new Artificial Intelligence system Flow Machines has proven that even creative ventures aren’t beyond the grasp of machines.

Daddy’s Car

A new song has been created using the artificial intelligence system made in Sony CSL research laboratory.

The song has been titled "Daddy’s Car," and it sounds a lot like a track made by the legendary Beatles.

Making this sample song was not easy though and it involved a lot of human intervention for the time being. A team of researchers put together a large database comprising of sheet music from various genres and styles. The system was then asked to create a song that would fall under the category of 1960’s pop music. With the result pre-determined, the A.I went about creating the required melody and tune for the song.

Once Flow Machines managed to compile a working sample, a human musician was called in to produce and edit the final cut of the song. You can actually hear the full version of the song in the YouTube link below, and you will be shocked, just like I was, to hear how good it sounds.

Sony agrees as well, because they are working on creating an entire pop album using this system, and this album will be available in 2017.

A.I in creative ventures

Sony has now opened our minds about the immense possibilities in store for humanity with the use of artificial intelligence. It appears that with enough sample pieces covering a diverse range of topics, A.I is able to even work on creative projects.

Earlier this year, A.I was also used to create a journalistic piece after being provided the right amount of information. At this rate, we might have very little to do ourselves, and this can either be a very good or a very bad thing.