Texas - According to Fox news, a Texas Judge could be sued for starting each day with a short Prayer. The Freedom From Religion Foundation or "FFRF" claims that the Judge praying in a courtroom is unconstitutional and plans to sue the State of Texas.

The Judge, Wayne Mack, has been praying each day for from the time he was appointed as Judge in Texas. Chelsey Youman, Judge Macks Lawyer, told Fox and friends in an interview that the controversy is very disturbing.

The USSupreme Court

Mack pointed out when interviewed that the US supreme court and the Texas supreme court both start their court sessions with prayer and he is only following in their footsteps.

Each day, before court sessions start in both the Supreme court and the Texas Supreme court, prayer begins every day's proceedings. According to sources, this is the way it has been since the US had courts. According to Fox, the Supreme court in Texas has sided with Judge Mack.

Satanic prayer at the PensacolaCity council meeting

According to the Washington Times, A council meeting in Pensacola turned chaotic as protesters were forcibly removed as the council members bowed their heads in a prayer spoken by the Satanic Temple on July 14th of last month.

The prayer was directed to Satan and had many in protest as the satanic temple member, Mr. Suhor, and the Satanic Temple complained about the Christian prayers that are prayed every day before council meetings.

Mr. Suhor made it clear to the council that if they refused him, then there would be extreme litigation for the city of Pensacola.

Satanic Templeagenda

All across America, where ever any courthouse had a monument of the Ten Commandments, the Satanic Temple has positionedto erecta statue of Satan next to each monument.

According to sources, when interviewed the temple says they do not care if their statue gets erected or not, as long as the Ten Commandments monuments are taken down.

From Oklahoma to Michigan, the Satanic Temple have been causing trouble, many Americans say.

Planned Parenthood

According to Breit Bart news, The Planned Parenthood clinics all across America have joined up with the Satanic Temple to protest against Americans who protest against abortion.

The Satanic temple dresses in baby outfits with masks and performs strange acts in front of the clinics by "baptizing" members in milk and performing other disgusting acts such as spanking the men dressed as babies with whips and mocking the protesters in front of little children. This all comes after the allegationsthat Planned Parenthood profits off of aborted baby body parts.