At about the same time eleven years ago, President George W. Bush was on vacation when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and caused devastating flooding and damage. Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, and flooded much of the city, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Hundreds of thousands lost their homes to unstoppable rains and flooding, and damage was in the billions. At the time, the president was on vacation in Crawford, Texas. The media was even keeping track of how long he had been away.

On August 31, Bush headed back to D.C. and did a flyover of Katrina’s devastation.

What was supposed to be a photo-op showing a worried president turned into a media nightmare for the beleaguered president. A few days later, he finally sojourned to the area to comfort the victims but the damage was done.

Later assessments would determine that much of the delay and confusion in helping and rescuing the victims was the result of the inept New Orleans’ Mayor Nagin and Governor Bianco of Louisiana. Both Democrats.

Where’s the outrage?

Fast-forward to today and once again we have unprecedented flooding in Louisiana and hundreds of thousands without food, water, or shelter.

Louisiana has declared a state of emergency, while rescue workers continue finding people stranded by flood waters. Homes have been demolished, thousands more so sudden as to be uninhabitable. And like Bush, President Obama is on vacation.

Staffers have told the media that Obama has been briefed on the devastation, but that didn’t stop the president from heading out for a golf game shortly after getting that assessment.

When asked if he would cut his vacation short on Martha’s Vineyard, White House staffers said the president was aware of the situation but had no plans to visit the area. Obama also continued to play golf as Milwaukee almost burned to the ground as riots erupted over multiple nights.

So far Obama has played more rounds of golf during his presidency than any of his predecessors.

And while he’s been working on his chip shot at the nearby golf course (plus having a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton), hundreds of thousands of Louisiana flood victims are desperate for help, comfort, and words of encouragement.

More media bias exposed

Imagine for a moment that Obama was a Republican president and you begin to see the glaring media bias. Even the New York Times’ public editor admitted as much in their coverage of the Louisiana floods and pumped out some new ones in response to that criticism. Did the NY Times downplay the floods to insulate the president from further scrutiny? Instead of pointing out this double-standard between Bush and Obama, the Times blamed the floods on climate change.

This may be why Americans view the mainstream media just as negatively as they do congress.