The recent flood to hit Louisiana is the worst since Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast in November 2012. When it was announced that Donald Trump would be taking a trip to Baton Rouge, many questioned his motives, which were revealed during a meeting with reporters.

Trump to Louisiana

At least 13 people have been confirmed dead due to the massive floods that have caused thousands to be displaced in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as a state of emergency is in effect. Earlier in the week, the Trump campaign announced that the Republican nominee would visit the state, despite critics accusing him of using the opportunity as a photo-op since he has no elected power to make a difference.

As reported by The Hill on August 19, Trump spoke to reporters after a short visit with the victims.

Newly hired campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, informed the media that Trump, and running mate Mike Pence, would "help people on the ground" in the Baton Rouge, promising to ban all media and the press. The campaign described the Trump/Pence visit as a "non-political event," but it turned out not be the case.

"The president says he doesn't want to come," Trump told the media, accusing President Obama of "trying to get out of a golf game." Republicans have criticized Obama for not leaving his vacation early to go to Louisiana, though the governor of the state, John Bel Edwards, had previously recommended that a visit should be replaced by a donation.

As of press time, Obama is scheduled to visit the state next week.

Less than a minute

As pointed out by Mediaite, Trump's "help" consisted of 49 seconds that he spent handing out toys from a truck, before dumping a box into a volunteer's hand, and heading over to speak to the media. Trump reportedly exited out of the back door of a local fire station shortly after, before boarding on to his private plane and leaving the city's victims with nothing more than a handful of toys and their lives swept away.

Election outlook

Trump's Baton Rouge visit is being described as a last minute political Hail Mary, as his poll numbers have dropped over the last month. Hillary Clinton has a seven point edge in the latest rolling average from Real Clear Politics, while also expanding her lead in various swing states. Pollsters and political pundits are predicting a near landslide for Clinton unless the former host of "The Apprentice" makes a historic comeback.