Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, who pursued charges against six officers involved in the May 2015 death ofFreddie Gray,is the subject of an ethics complaint filed in late June. On Wednesday, she announced that remaining charges had been dropped. With that, the gag order lifted. Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby unleashed a torrent.Gray, 25, died of a spinal cord injury sustained while handcuffed with feet shackled in the back of a Baltimore police van. His death sparked riots in the city.

Baltimore now calm, but Mosby is still on fire

"I made a promise that my prosecutors and I will never cower to prosecute crimes where we... have probable cause that a crime has been committed." Mosby asserted.Gray's mother stood at Mosby's side in a vigorous, highly quotable 13 minute press conference after the cases were dismissed.

Meanwhile, back at the Baltimore FOP

In a short statement, Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police President Gene Ryan responded to the Prosecutor at their own press conference."The comments made today by Ms. Mosby were outrageous, uncalled for and simply untrue," he said. "She had her own agenda." Ryan said that all officers did an excellent job cooperating fully in the legal matters regarding Gray's death, contrasting sharply with specific concerns listed by the Mosbyin her statements.

Mosby's perspectives on police brutalityand urban crimewere undoubtedly influenced by her childhood in Boston. She lost a cousin to gun violence.According to a 2015 article in the Boston Globe, her grandfather's early negative encounter with police looking for a robbery suspect inspired him to join the Boston Police Department.

Her father was also Boston cop, but he was dismissed after an internal investigation. Mosby was raised by her single mother in her grandfather's home, which was known around the neighborhood as "the police house." Her mother and several uncles were also Boston police officers.

Critics fan the flames

The Baltimore FOP is not Mosby's only detractor.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz also accused her motives.He told the Baltimore Sun that she could be disbarred because of the Freddie Gray cases. His complaint resulted in an investigation by the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission, which refuses to comment. In the past, Banzhaf had a hand in disbarring the district attorney in the 2006 Stanford University lacrosse players case. Scott Greenfield, a criminal defense attorney, blogged on Simple Justice that he receives frequent press releases from Banzhaf on the subject of Marilyn Mosby's legal actions.

To add to the onslaught, officers formerly charged in Freddie Gray's death have filed suit against Mosby, seeking $75,000 for each of their allegations, plus legal fees.The Gray cases didn't result in convictions, but spurred reforms within the Baltimore police department including the installment of cameras in transport vans and body cameras for all officers.

They now have a searchable app to quickly locate policies and procedures.

As the nation processes morerecent deaths of black people during police encounters, the fallout with public officials should be scrutinized.