The body of missing woman samantha stewart has reportedly been found, but the circumstances surrounding the discovery of her body are absolutely troubling. Now authorities in Ohio and West Virginia have a mystery on their hands. Who killed this missing woman, and could the public be in danger?

Body found far from home

Samantha Stewart's body was located in Columbiana County, Ohio -- approximately an hour away from where she was last seen in Weirton, West Virginia. Her body was located four days after she was reported missing by her loved ones, along the side of Aldrich Road.

Authorities with the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office say that the once-missing woman had no known ties with the area in which her body has been found.

Authorities say that Samantha Stewart suffered from blunt-force-trauma to the head, but no other details surrounding her cause of death are immediately available. At any rate, it's more than apparent that the 26-year-old woman was the victim of a murder, and detectives have no idea who would have wanted to kill her.

More questions than answers in the Samantha Stewart murder

Columbiana County Sheriff Raymond Stone confirms that an autopsy will be conducted on the slain woman, in hopes of finding out exactly what happened to her. However, at this point, all that remains in this case are questions -- and no answers.

Detectives haven't been specific in regards to details surrounding the discovery of Samantha's body. However, their wording indicates that she was dumped there -- meaning that the location of the body was not the primary Crime scene. In other words, it's very likely that the missing woman was killed somewhere else

If the scene of the body wasn't the primary crime scene, then detectives must figure out just where that primary crime scene is.

Once they do that, they may crack this case. In the meantime, there are no known persons or interests in Samantha Stewart's shocking murder.

Stranger danger or someone closer?

Currently, authorities are waiting to interview the ex-husband of the slain woman. The man claims that he hadn't seen Samantha in as many as six months, because he works for a traveling carnival.

If he hasn't been in the area over the past several days, it's probably not likely that he had a role in the murder of his ex-wife. Nonetheless, he is cooperating with police efforts.

In most homicides, the perpetrator is someone either known closely by the victim, or an acquaintance. That means that random acts of homicide are quite rare. Nonetheless, rare doesn't mean "never." Is it possible that the person who killed Samantha was someone she didn't even know? Not enough is known about the case, or Samantha herself, to draw any kind of conclusion. Hopefully detectives can figure out what happened, and why.