Joy Behar could have bowled them over with a feather after the audience and her co-hosts were privy to her resignation live on The View. She did this once before, but this time she had no choice because Behar, apparently created something spectacular that she needs to devote every waking hour to. It sounds like something that's come out of her own kitchen, a line of skin care that defies the lines of aging and she actually has plastic surgeons fuming because her kitchen creation has cut their customer base almost in half! Do you believe this? Many people do, but it is all a bunch of bull.

Joy's not cooking up skin cream

Some skin care company has whipped up a story, one that looks very real because they have put different network logos across the top as if this is something all news channels are reporting. Joy doesn't have anything to do with this product and she certainly doesn't have doctors peeved at her from coast to coast. The article, which is really an advertisement in disguise, goes on to quote Whoopi and other folks who are associated withThe View.

'Fly-by-night company using Behar's name

This got so out of hand that she talked about it on The View Tuesday with Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi asked Joy to address this annoying ad that is announcing Joy's departure from The View to take on her new line of skin products.

Joy said that it is a "fly-by-night" skin care company that they cannot seem to locate. She's peeved because they are saying Behar swears by it and people are buying it.

It's a scam

After going on about these people using Joy's name and scamming people, Whoopi took the bull by the horns and said,“Here’s the deal: They have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you don’t know what’s in this stuff.

Joy has nothing to do with it. She doesn’t sanction it. Do not buy it on her dime.”

Same scam used Ellen DeGeneres' name

According to Gossip Cop, the same type of scam happened using Ellen DeGeneres' name and saying she was leaving her show to devote her time to a similar product. Both are scams and while sadly some people did fall for this, hopefully the word is now getting around that it is a scam and Joy didn't develop any skin cream she's trying to sell.