Andrea Tantaros’ last appearance on Fox News “Outnumbered” was in April. Tantaros last Political Punks interview, intended to promote her book, was in May. Since June 1, the public figure has not posted anything on her Facebook page, and her Instagram followers have not seen or heard anything since Independence Day. Despite the unsuccessful attempt by Hollywood director Ken Del Vecchio to cast Tantaros in a movie role and the desperate plea by fans for the Fox News host to speak out, the political analyst is remaining silent.

What does Andrea Tantaros tweet?

The only exceptions to Tantaros’ silence are Andrea’s tweets on her Twitter page. Unfortunately, since that page is protected and only accessible to some followers, everyone else is left out. For those wondering what they are missing by not being able to read the former Fox News “Outnumbered” host’s tweets, here is the recipe. Take a Democrat, public event, criticism, add some humor – and combine them into one or two sentences.

After the Orlando shooting, Andrea took the time to tweet about the FBI’s incompetence of having been unable to stop shooter Omar. “He was under surveillance & interviewed by the FBI 3 TIMES. That’s not a needle, that’s a ticking Islamist time bomb,” she tweeted.

Other topics covered in Andrea’s tweets are, of course, Obama, the Obama administration, or anyone associated with that "embarrassing" club of Democrats. Needless to say, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are included.

On June 1, Andrea Tantaros' attitude in regard to Bernie Sanders seemed to be somewhat different as she was using him against Hillary Clinton to emphasize that not all women support Hillary.

“First of all, Clinton isn't as strong with women as she looks. Bernie Sanders beat Clinton by seven points among women in New Hampshire,” Tantaros wrote in her pro-Trump and anti-Hillary The Week article on June 1. "A full 82 percent of women under 30 supported the male Sanders over the ‘feminist’ former first lady," the political analyst highlighted.

Of course, now that Sanders supports Hillary, he is another Democrat who deserves a good dose of the Tantaros spirit.

What Andrea Tantaros does not write about in her tweets

While having plenty to say about Democrats and their doomed state of affairs, Andrea Tantaros has nothing to tweet about those who are asking for support. The same day that news media headlines reported that Gretchen Carlson had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox CEO Roger Ailes, Andrea Tantaros broke her silence on Twitter. However, it was not to support Carlson but to attack Hillary. “Full blown degeneracy of government as they all cover for her,” Tantaros tweeted. “This is the most corrupt administration in history.”

Who is Andrea Tantaros’ intended audience?

Andrea Tantaros is known for her wit, her exceptional point of view, and her ability to connect with hundreds of thousands of fans.

However, more and more of those once esteemed Twitter followers are being blocked by the Fox News personality. “Hi #AndreaTantaros I really thought U were coming back but now that you blocked me I I'm shocked! I hope you are OK! You are the very BEST!,” writes one former Twitter follower on July 8. “Always appreciated #AndreaTantaros. Smart & factual. Sad she blocked me. Don't know why,” wrote another fan.

The same sentiment expressed by disappointed Twitter fans is expressed on Andrea Tantaros’ Facebook and Instagram pages. Tantaros still describes herself as “Fox News Channel political analyst” on social media. However, what is the point of being a political analyst – especially in an election year -- if only a few selected ones are allowed to hear what you have to say? If there is any time to make a difference in politics – isn’t it now?