Makeup Artist, YouTuber, and former recording artist, Jeffree Star has been under intense scrutiny for the past few weeks. Racist videos from his old MySpace account have now resurfaced, along with new claims that the "Beauty Killer" singer is rude, conceited, and disingenuous.As a result, several online personalities have publicly disassociated with him and his brand. YouTubers like Kat Von D, Julie Vu, Trisha Paytas, Heavenlyleann Akers, and many others have uploaded videos addressing the controversy.

Kat Blaque's video:

Kat Blaque is a black, transgender YouTuber and activist.

Yesterday, she released a new video covering JeffreeStar's scandal, as well as sharing some of her own past mistakes as a content creator.Kat said that while she can empathize with Jeffree and his situation, she finds it suspicious that he's so reluctant to apologize for his past racism.

In the video, Kat states:

"I believe that Jeffree could very well be a changed man. I just haven't really seen any evidence of that. And, in my opinion, no matter how many times he's apologized for his old racist content, I think it's important for him to address this NOW."

False DMCA

Within hours of uploading, Kat Blaque's video got removed. She posted several updates on her Facebook fan page before eventually live streaming for an hour.In the stream, Kat voiced her frustrations with Jeffree and explained that two more copyright claims could have her entire channel deleted.

Jeffree responds on Twitter

Shortly after her live stream, Jeffree Star reached out to Kat and claims that he has nothing to do with her video getting removed.

The two then exchanged a few words on Twitter:

Is Jeffree lying?

In a second live stream, Kat Blaque said that Jeffree's story isn't believable.

She explained that if her video was automatically marked for Content ID, it would've been taken down immediately.This means that someone had to manually report her, and it's highly unlikely that Sharoloid is the culprit.Kathas since re-uploaded her video and it's currently at 12,000 views.