The third night of the Republican National Convention went about as well as the first night, possibly even worse. After Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was booed off stage during his speech for refusing to endorse Donald Trump, things got ugly in the audience.

Cruz chaos

During the Republican primary, one of the biggest stories was the ongoing, and apparently never-ending, feud between Trump and Cruz. Both candidates took serious shots at each, even resulting in an uncomfortable conversation about an alleged sexual affair by Cruz which was reported by the National Enquirer.

When Cruz took the stage in Cleveland, Ohio Wednesday night, he told the crowd to "vote their conscience," which wasn't received well as the audience booed the senator from the Lone Star State, chanting, "We want Trump" in the process. The night got even uglier, as reported by The Hill on July 20.

While sitting in the audience, the senator's wife Heidi Cruz was confronted by a group of angry Trump supporters who expressed their anger over his non-endorsement of the billionaire real estate mogul. According to Cruz supporter and former attorney general of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, the situation escalated quickly.

"People behind her were getting very ugly and physically approaching her," Cuccinelli said, saying that the decision was made to "get immediately out of the arena."

Elaborating further, the former AG of Virginia said the Trump supporters were yelling at Mrs. Cruz until security came to the area and escorted her out of the area.

Despite many in the party pushing for unity, it appears that Trump will have to do without the support from many high-profiled Republicans as his campaign moves forward.

Election status

Even with the controversy that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon, Trump will accept the GOP nomination on Thursday. Following the conclusion of the convention, Trump and his vice president Mike Pence will meet Hillary Clinton in the general election, where they trail the former Secretary of State by five points in most national polls.