A very eerie video shows a man being followed into a taxi cab by a femaleghost, which was recently captured on a surveillance camera and since gone viral online. Once in a while a ghost clip comes along out of the many deposited online that transfixes the masses and this latest ghostly encounter falls under that category.

Eerie ghost rider

As you can see in the video below, the man getting into the cab, as well as the driver of the cab, do not seem to acknowledge another rider with them. The creepy looking woman seeming comes out of nowhere and glides, or floats, behind the man into that cab.

The woman with long dark hair is thought by some to resemble the ghostly female in the lead of the Japanese movie trilogy, Ring, reports Yahoo News.Others say it is nothing more than a fancy move with Photoshop going on, but there is a theory on this scary looking apparition that has caught the attention of the masses. She is not the only ghost that has been affiliated with taxi cabs in Japan in recent years.

Ghostly fares seen before

A news outlet in Japan, Asahi Shimbun, published a recent study that suggests this phantom womanmay be part of a "string of ghost sightings." The sociology study reported in Asahi Shimbun cites at least seven ghost sightings that have been recorded since 2011 all having to do with taxi cabs.

These sightings are described as taxi cab drivers pulling over to pick up a fare, only to find the person disappears. These incidents started after the 2011 tsunami, which was caused by an earthquake and devastated a massive area.

Lost souls washed out to sea in tsunami

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake created a tsunami that washed thousands of people out to sea.

When it was all over, the earthquake and tsunami combined took more than 19,000 lives. Are these ghosts hailing taxi cabs the souls of some of the people killed in the horrific natural disaster? Are they the lost souls of tsunami victims trying to find their way home? Some people believe this may be the case.